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Shaligram 18 CM Triply Stainless Steel Tasla With Lid

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Shaligram Tri-Ply Introduction:

*Shaligram Tri-Ply cookware comes with combination of three metal to utilize the best properties of each metal. Stainless steel outer and inner layer retains heat for long period of time and middle layer conducts heat incredibly well.

*Shaligram Tri-Ply Cookware gives more efficiency is 2x more than regular stainless steel.

*Shaligram Tri-Ply cookware recommended to cook on slow and medium flame for long life of cookware.

        Shaligram Tri-Ply Cookware 9 Feature:

1)      Inner Layer is Food Grade SS 304 Stainless Steel.

2)      For Hygienic, Healthy , Low Oil Cooking And Less Sticking Cooking.

3)      Middle Layer For Even Heat Distribution.

4)      Outer Layer is SS430 Magnetic Stainless Steel which is Fuel Saver.

5)      Works in Gas, Induction & many more.

6)      Easy-Pour Technology. Pour Food without Spilling.

7)      Handles are fastened with solid Rivets. ( In Kadhai )

8)      Unique Staniless Steel lid with Life Time Guarantee.

9)      Unique looking handles with silicon grip.

Shaligram Tri-Ply Cookware Advantage:

*Lasts Long.

*Easy To Clean.

*Less Oil Usage.

*Less Sticking.

*Oven And Dishwasher Safe.

*Fuel Saver.

*Induction, Gas And Many More Compatible.

*Spill Proof

*This Is Not Non-Stick Cookware. 

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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